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Summer Fundraising Events

Wauwatosa Recreation Department Fundraisers

  • Wednesday, June 23: 5pm-8pm

  • Wednesday, July 14: 5pm-8pm

  • Wednesday, August 18: 5pm-8pm

10% of sales during these events will be given back to the Wauwatosa School District Recreation Department.

No flyers, no coupons, no codes. Just join us at Dr. Dawg of Wauwatosa for a great meal. Order online for pickup or order at the restaurant. Does not apply to deliver orders or third party ordering.

Want to Host a Fundraising Event for Your Organization?

Good to Know About our Fundraising Events:

  • Day of the Week: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

  • Hours: 5pm-8pm

  • Promoting Your Event: Utilize social media, email campaigns and websites

  • We'll also promote via our social media, email campaign and website

  • Your organization will receive 10% of all sales from your selected day - no flyers to bring in, no coupons to show. Just spread the word!

  • We've also partnered with organizations to have a fundraising night over the course of 3 months - great for when you're raising money for a big event or purchase

  • Lead Time: 10 business days - this works best for you and for us to help promote the event and get a strong turn out.

  • We will need your organization's tax identification number

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