• Dr. Dawg

Dawgs for Dogs

Fluffy Dog Rescue Fundraiser

  • Wednesday, July 21: 5pm-8pm

10% of sales during this event will be given back to Fluffy Dog Rescue

No flyers, no coupons, no codes. Just join us at Dr. Dawg of Wauwatosa for a great meal. Order online for pickup or order at the restaurant. Does not apply to deliver orders or third party ordering.

About Fluffy Dog Rescue

"Rescuing thousands of Fluffy Dogs from southern kill shelters since 2005. We are proud to be a part of the solution."

Read more about adopting, fostering and volunteering at the Fluffy Dog Rescue website.

Want to Host a Fundraising Event for Your Organization?

Good to Know About our Fundraising Events:

  • Day of the Week: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

  • Hours: 5pm-8pm

  • Promoting Your Event: Utilize social media, email campaigns and websites

  • We'll also promote via our social media, email campaign and website

  • Your organization will receive 10% of all sales from your selected day - no flyers to bring in, no coupons to show. Just spread the word!

  • We've also partnered with organizations to have a fundraising night over the course of 3 months - great for when you're raising money for a big event or purchase

  • Lead Time: 10 business days - this works best for you and for us to help promote the event and get a strong turn out.

  • We will need your organization's tax identification number

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